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Amitabh to resume work as soon as film crew gets vaccinated

Amitabh Bachchan announced that the shoot for his film is to be back on track in covid-struck country India.

Bachchan, popularly known as “Big B”, made the announcement after the Maharashtra government ruled that film industries can start shooting inside a bio-secure bubble till 5pm.

“Maharashtra and Delhi seem to be in better shape, the digits show a graph that slopes down and the release of the orders to relax some of the stringent measures has taken shape.” the 78-year-old wrote.

“So some quick scheduling is taking place and in all probability, it’s donning make-up within a few days, and off to the studio,” Bachchan added.

The actor said all workers on the set of his film Goodbye have been vaccinated.

“My own entire film crew, that shall be starting work on my film GoodBye in a few, have all been vaccinated by the production, and extreme precautions are in place to maintain precaution…

“Every set room is sanitized after every short break and they (crew) are tested before they can enter the studio. And every other day random tests are done; the infected blocked and sent home or to hospital, immediately,” he said.

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