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Amna Ilyas ‘challenge’ gets destroyed by hilarous meme


Amna Ilyas recently recently shared a video on Instagram, thinking it would not inspire anything but good-natured laughs.

The model and actress shared a video of the kickoff challenge, in which she can be seen “accidentally” kicking a person hard in the face in an attempt to kick the orange placed atop his head. The video mocked the #BottlecapChallenge which had gone viral on the internet, in which many notable celebs around the world had taken part in.

As the actress posted the video, many people criticized the actor for ‘humiliating’ the other person in the video.

One person on Instagram posted a hilarious meme to the video. In it, Amna Ilyas can be seen hit by a truck before h

The meme had a song ‘oh beta jee’ playing the moment Amna raises her leg and turns around, ready to kick the man.


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A lot of users laughed hard at the meme, as it went viral on Instagram and other social media platforms.

In no time, the meme garnered several comments. One of the netizens commented: “Revenge taken”

While other social media handler wrote, “Way better than the original”

Another user was harsher in his criticism of the model and actress.

“The saddest thing is that she is so unapologetic for this filthy act. She really need to apologize and delete that video.”

The video was criticised by a lot of people, who also lashed out at Pakistani celebrities who had laughed at it.


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