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Behind every successful man, there is his wife: Bushra Bibi

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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi on Monday spoke to the media briefly, saying that behind every successful man, there is his wife.

The first lady went to a Panahgah in Lahore near the shrine of Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh to check on the facilities being provided to its residents.

There, in response to a journalist who asked Bushra Bibi whether due to her contributions PM Imran Khan was successful, she responded: “Behind every successful man, there’s his wife, right? Isn’t that right? Then?”

Accompanied by her close friend, Farhat Shehzadi, also known as Farah Khan, the First Lady inspected the facilities at the shelter and inquired about accommodation from the residents. She also checked the quality of food by having some of it herself.

The Panahgah’s residents spoke to the first lady and told her about the problems they were facing there. Most of them thanked her for the initiative, adding that previously they used to sleep under the open sky but now, they had a warm bed and food to comfort them.

Later, in her comments to the media, Bushra Bibi said the PTI government “has given shelter to people sleeping under the open sky” but clarified that it was “not a favour to them but their right”.

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