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Bollywood actress Koena Mitra slapped with six-month jail sentence

Bollywood actress Koena Mitra, known also as the original ‘Sakhi’ girl, has been sentenced to six months in prison in a cheque-bouncing case.

Mitra denies charges against her and claimed that she would contest the verdict in a higher court. The case was registered against the actress in 2013 by model Poonam Sethi. Mirta was asked to pay the model Rs464,000 (Dh24,713).

“It is a court matter, so obviously we will go to the higher court to challenge the order. The higher court will give us an order [and] only then can we talk about it. Right now, I don’t have anything to say except that it’s a fraud case and I am being framed,” she said.

The magistrate ruled against Mitra’s claims that Sethi did not have the means to loan the actress a whopping amount of Rs2.2 million. When the actress gave Sethi a cheque of Rs300,000, it reportedly bounced for ‘want of funds’.

Mitra said that her lawyers were working on a counter argument. She said that at the time the verdict was issued, her lawyer wasn’t present in court.

“The decision was announced without my argument being heard,” she said. “My advocate has to appear for the final argument, too, and the magistrate didn’t give me a chance. We will challenge this order in the higher court.”

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