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Haleem Adil Sheikh’s daughter accuses Sindh govt of attempting to kill her father

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KARACHI: PTI opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh’s daughter took to social media on Sunday night to accuse the Sindh government of attempting to kill her father.

In a video that was uploaded on social media, Ayesha Haleem Adil Sheikh said that “they attacked my dad inside central jail today with the intention to God forbid take his life”.

“It’s my dad’s birthday today & every year we cut a cake together at midnight. However, tonight I had to go see him injured at the hospital, unable to stand or walk. Shame on Sindh Gov!” she wrote.

In the video message, Ayesha said that her father was being victimised as he was “exposing the PPP” for their corruption, adding that his life was at stake.

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