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$heraki, Fly High and GudLuck’s new song to release December 11 worldwide

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Canadian based Pakistani duo $heraki and Fly High are are teaming up for a new project in collaboration with GudLuck which, according to reports, will be a mix of Punjabi tarka and $heraki and Fly High Rap.

The song will be released for fans of the duo worldwide on 11 December 2020.

Who is Fly High?

Fly High is a Canadian Pakistani Rapper who was born and raised in Canada. He forayed into music when he started rapping at young age. Fly High has worked with many rappers and Punjabi singers as well. His biggest hit was Sawa Lakh  featuring UK -based Pakistani singer Tariq Khan and garnered 2.5 Millions hits on YouTube.

Fly High doesn’t only rap but is a man with a vison. He directed $heraki’s music video Western Bhangra.

Who is $heraki?

$heraki is a Canadian Pakistani who was born in Pakistan’s old city of Multan but was raised in Montreal, Canada. He has worked with well-known artists from Pakistan, India and Canada.

His biggest hit came with Madam Nassebo Lal, Roya at 2.1 millions hit on Youtube Over 9k videos on tiktok
$heraki bring the elements of western culture and our desi culture together threw his music. Not only he is a great singer $heraki is a great lyricist, composer, and master crafting his skills on sound engineering.

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