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Hira Mani spills beans about marrying Mani

Do Bol famed actress Hira Mani in a recent interview stated that even if she would’ve been married to someone else, she would get separated and marry her husband Salman Saqib aka (Mani)

The duo is famous for showering love upon each other in interviews or on social media and supporting each other when needed. Hira says that she was behind her friend’s back to marry Mani and she does not regret it.

When asked why she praises and gives her credits to Mani, her answer was that he is a supportive husband, a good parent, a responsible father, and a talented artist so he understands.

Hira further stated that she faced criticism on marrying a TV host but that does not bother her. She added that she would’ve married Mani even if he already had a wife.

“People have criticized me a lot on the fact that I took his number from my friend’s mobile and started talking to him behind her back but I have no regrets about it. Even if he was married to someone else, I would’ve married him no matter what”



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