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India politicising FATF deliberations for partisan objectives: FO


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan called on the FATF membership to take note of Indian efforts to politicise the FATF deliberations for its own narrow and partisan objectives.

This was stated by the Foreign Office after the Plenary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) gave Pakistan until October to comply with the international standards on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT).

Pakistan is currently placed on the international financial corruption watchdog’s grey list. India wants Pakistan blacklisted.
Islamabad called on the FATF membership to take note of New Delhi’s malicious propaganda and campaign.

“We hope the broader FATF membership would take cognizance of this continuing malicious campaign and reject any attempt aimed at politicisation of the FATF process by India,” read the official communique.

The foreign office described India’s comments on the FATF report as ‘preposterous’ and ‘unwarranted’.

“If anything, this is yet another evidence of India’s relentless efforts to politicise the deliberations of FATF for its narrow, partisan objectives,” read the statement.

Pakistan, through aggressive diplomatic efforts, was able to secure help from China, Turkey ad Malaysia. It needed the support of three members to avoid getting placed on the blacklist.

To get itself removed from the blacklist, Islamabad will have to require the support of 15 members out of the total 36 members of the FATF. India, United States and the United Kingdom want Pakistan placed on the blacklist.

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