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Opposition has no leader of Imran Khan’s stature: Fawad


ISLAMABAD: Federal Science Minister Fawad Chaudhry has claimed that an alliance of opposition parties seeking ouster of Imran Khan from power have no politician of Imran Khan’s stature in its ranks.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning, Fawad Chaudhry admitted that that there was room for administrative improvement in the PTI government,

“There is no doubt that big decisions are necessary to meet the expectation of people. But despite a thousand flaws, can we hand over the country to heirs of Zardari and Sharif?” he questioned.

He then asked whether there was a single man of Imran Khan’s stature among opposition parties.

The outspoken science minister said that more than Imran Khan it was Pakistan’s need for the Pakistan Democratic Movement to fail in its objective to dislodge the incumbent government.

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