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Pakistan grants refuge to 46 Afghanistan soldiers: ISPR

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Forty-six soldiers of the Afghanistan National Army (ANA) Monday were granted safe passage/refuge by the Pakistan Army after they were unable to hold their posts due to the Taliban onslaught.

This was revealed by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) in a statement today. As per the statement, the UISPR said that due to the “evolving security situation in Afghanistan”, the Afghan army soldiers were unable to hold their military posts along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

“Afghan National Army ( ANA) local commander opposite the Arundu Sector, Chitral, requested Pakistan Army for refuge and safe passage for 46 soldiers of Afghan National Army and Border Police including five officers,” read the ISPR statement.

The ISPR confirmed that Pakistan had agreed to provide refuge to the soldiers.

“After contact with Afghan authorities and necessary military procedures, 46 soldiers including 5 officers have been given refuge/safe passage into Pakistan. Afghan soldiers have been provided food, shelter and necessary medical care as per established military norms,” it added.

The military’s media wing clarified that the soldiers of the Afghanistan Army will be returned to the country in a “dignified manner” following due process.

“Previously on July 1, 35 Afghan soldiers also requested Pak army for refuge/safe passage due to inability to hold their military post along Pak- Afg International Border. They were also given safe passage into Pakistan and handed over to Afghan govt authorities after due procedure,” concluded the ISPR.

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