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Pakistani-American beauty Aneesa Sheikh announces release date for new single

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Young and talented rising artist Aneesa Sheikh will be releasing her latest single WHO’S GONNA STOP ME on Friday, January 15th. This Pakistani-American beauty is also a successful model who appears in countless national ad campaigns and a philanthropist who created her own non-profit MUSIC4M.I.R.A.C.L.E.

WHO’S GONNA STOP ME, is co-written by Aneesa, Corey Lee Barker and Justine Blazer, the single is inspired by Aneesa’s journey to pursue her dreams and ambitions. The lyrics embody the process she is currently going through as a musician, along with the experiences that have molded her to see her future clearly.

The new single is also a way for her to connect to other fans by giving them the courage they need to go after what they want without any fear and the drive to be their own boss without letting anyone get in their way.

“The lyrics, ‘Whatever’s coming bring it on bring it on’ connotes whatever bump in the road I may hit, that is okay because I won’t let it derail me from my target and ‘I’m coming for the crown’ was written to incorporate my experience as Miss Michigan Teen USA 2020 and having several hardships that year but continuing to learn from everything and be tenacious with my passions.”

Born in Kentucky, Aneesa is Pakistani-American who grew up in a close-knit family. The youngest of 5 siblings, Aneesa was a go-getter from the start. Having an athletic family, she dabbled in swimming and figure skating leading her to pursue competitive skating, at the age of nine. At one point she was skating eight hours a day and commuting back and forth from Kentucky to the training facility in Michigan known for turning out big-name Olympic skaters like Tara Lapinski. While she has a talent for skating and was captain of the varsity figure skating team at her high school, her true passion was for music.

Having an innate talent for music, Aneesa has written, produced and released many singles throughout the year. Most recently, she wanted to spread cheer and joy during this somber time and recorded a video and single called, “Happy Little Holiday.”  Inspired by Miley Cyrus at a young age, Aneesa first learned to play the guitar and as she became comfortable, she began to write her own music with strong messages behind each. One of her first singles “Bad Thing” was intended to open the eyes of teenagers involved in toxic relationships. The music video accumulated over 138k views on YouTube. One of her most recent singles “New Normal” was a cathartic reflection on her very close relationship with her father who suddenly suffered from a stroke. The dynamics after the experience changed her life and she found herself adapting to a “new normal” way of living. Being a teen became more of a struggle for Aneesa as the roles shifted and she became the adult and caretaker. The experience brought on an emotional weight as she saw her father in a vulnerable state daily. The universal message in her lyrics is that everyone is experiencing a “new normal” due to the pandemic which has altered daily routines and has impacted relationships with loved ones similar to her relationship to her ailing father.

The young beauty may be in the beginning of her adult life, but she felt there was a need for her to give back through philanthropic work. Her non-profit organization, Music4M.I.R.A.C.L.E. is an acronym for Music, Inspires, Reaches, Accepts, Captures, Loves, Equally. She founded the non-profit as she truly believed that music was a miracle to her father during his rehabilitation from his first stroke.

Her goal through Music4M.I.R.A.C.L.E. is to spread music therapy and give hope to those who are experiencing a medical crisis. She has been given the opportunities to perform for St. Jude’s, The Healing Notes Foundation, and many rehabilitation and nursing centers. During COVID-19 and the shutdowns, she has Skyped with many institutions and singing for patients who have been isolated from their families and many outside visitors.

In early 2020, on a whim, Aneesa decided to do something that was out of her comfort zone and signed up to be a contestant for Miss Michigan Teen USA. Being the first pageant, she had ever been a part of, she was overwhelmed with joy when the announcer called her the winner.

Through her music, she hopes to encourage others to live a courageous life without regrets. Aneesa is focused on living out her dream to be in the ranks of her musical idols such as Jewel.


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