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Pakistani cyclist speaks up on how she was mistreated at a TV show

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Renowned Pakistani cyclist Samar Khan recently took to social media to share how she was mistreated on a TV channel where the host didn’t even know her name or knew anything about her profile but was focusing on influencers all the time.

Taking to Twitter, the athlete shared how she and the other athletes were not given proper facilities while influencers were treated on a whole different level.

Samar said that she and other athletes were “herded into one room like cattle” while top-notch facilities were given to people who had a lot of followers on social media.

“This is not the first time. For the last few years, this has been happening frequently and I am not the first athlete [to speak up about it],” she said.

Samar said that sports events which are arranged for athletes are often hijacked by people who have a huge following on social media.

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