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Pakistani who abused Sarfaraz tenders apology after social media backlash


A Pakistani cricket fan who had abused Sarfaraz in a video that went viral on Friday, tendered an apology to the captain for his abusive remarks.

“I did not know that this would get out of hand neither was I aware of the consequences,” said the guy who abused Sarfaraz. “I did not know it was his son that was with him and that he was a Hafiz-e-Quran. Please forgive me if you can. I am very sorry,” said the man in the video.

The man says in the video that he was himself a Pakistani and that he had apologised to Sarfaraz after the video was recorded.

“Sarfaraz was angry so I deleted the video. I don’t know how it got viral and spread over the internet,” he said. “I did not upload it but deleted it,” he added.

A video went viral on Friday in which the man can says to Sarfaraz:-

“Why are you putting on so much weight? You need to diet a bit. You are growing fat like a ***. You need to diet,” he had said.

Immediately after the video went viral, social media lashed out at the man for abusing the skipper.

“This shameful act has left me devastated. you can criticize us on our performances but insulting and abusing our captain in public when he is holding his son is unacceptable. please guys its a request respect our families,” tweeted Hassan Ali.

“This sort of behaviour beggars belief. Nobody deserves abuse like this – never mind a cricketing hero. This is pure harassment. I cannot believe that we sunk so low as a nation. Shameful,” tweeted Mehwish Hayat.

“Disgraceful behaviour by this obnoxious who clearly needs better parenting. Sarfaraz just lost a game of cricket but as a society we have lost our basic values & decency,” tweeted Reham Khan.

Pakistan take on South Africa on Sunday in a must-win encounter for the men in green.

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