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Joint session of the parliament summoned on Tuesday

A joint session of the parliament has been summoned on Tuesday to discuss the ongoing Kashmir crisis and Pakistan’s response to it.

On Monday, India passed a resolution that revoked Article 370 of the Indian constitution. Article 370 grants Jammu and Kashmir, Indian-occupied Kashmir, the special status.

The joint session of the parliament is expected to stand beside the government and the armed forces at a time when tensions are high between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan reacted sharply to Indian aggression and unilateral decision to revoke Article 370 of the constitution, stating that it would continue to support the people of Kashmir diplomatically, politically and through every other means.

The revocation of Article 370 is an aggressive step by India that has established her as a bully in the region and reduced its stature to nothing more than an occupational force.

The abrogation of the said article is a direct attack on the political status of Kashmir and its demography. Some may argue the special status had somehow made India a legitimate power and with it gone, it’s nothing but an occupational force.

The decision will remove a bar on property purchases by people from outside the occupied Jammu and Kashmir. This also means that state government jobs and some college places will no longer be reserved for state residents. This is being described by experts as the first step to occupy territories.

India had a say in Kashmir only on 3 matters: defense, foreign affairs, and finance. Every thing else needed to go through the elected state government.

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