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President Alvi tests positive for Coronavirus

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ISLAMABAD: President Arif Ali has tested positive for the Coronavirus, becoming the latest top Pakistani official to contract the disease.

Taking to Twitter on Monday, President Alvi urged the nation to be careful of the pandemic.

“I have tested positive for Covid-19. May Allah have mercy on all Covid affectees. Had 1st dose of vaccine، but antibodies start developing after 2nd dose that was due in a week. Please continue to be careful,” he tweeted.

This comes three days after President Alvi attended the Pakistan Day military parade in Islamabad as a chief guest.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who also tested positive for the virus a week ago, is also said to be making steady recovery.

“PM Imran Khan has made steady clinical recovery from Covid and his lab parameters have remained stable. He has been advised that he may resume work and build up his work routine over the next few days. This is in line with national and int’l guidelines,” Dr Sultan tweeted.

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