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Renowned Chinese perfume manufacturer decides to invest $2mn in Pakistan


One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of fragrances and perfumes, Guangzhou Rongshen Trading Company has announced that it would invest a whopping $2 million in Pakistan, on Tuesday.

The announcement was made by the Board of Investment of the Government of Pakistan via a tweet.

The tweet claimed that the manufacturers had decided to invest ‘following the attractive package of incentive offered by the Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“One of the largest Chinese manufacturers of fragrance and perfume #Guangzhou #Rongshen Trading Company ,following the attractive package of incentive offered by the PM Imran Khan, announced to #invest US $ 2 million in chemical sectors to further explore FDI avenues in Pakistan,” read the tweet.

In his maiden visit to China, Prime Minister Khan heaped praise on the nation. He said that China had alleviated millions of people out of poverty and taken strong measures against corruption.

Prime Minister Khan promised to make a business-friendly environment in Pakistan so that investors would reap profits in Pakistan.

Khan has time and again called on the government and private investors to participate in wealth creation so that it could result in more jobs and an improvement in the economy.

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