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Sarah Khan slap scene from ‘Laapata’ stirs social media

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Sarah Khan’s character Falak (yeah, you read that right) in the drama series Laapata has stirred social media as many took to Twitter to lash out at producers for showing the scene while others hailed it as an empowering one for women.

In the scene, Gohar Rasheed’s character, clad in a suit, can be seen slapping Sarah Khan’s character. A few seconds after getting hit, Sarah Khan’s character gives a tight slap back to Rasheed’s avatar. The man looks stunned as she points a finger at him and says defiantly:

“Khabardaar! I will break your hands,” she shouts at him.

A dejected and lost Rasheed looks at Sarah Khan as she continues to point at him for a few seconds.

One Twitter user thought Sarah Khan’s actions were “such a queen behaviour.”

omg pakistani television showing women who take no sheet from men and know how to take a stand for themselves. this is such a queen behaviour. #Laapata

Another user, Kanza, was delighted with the way Sarah Khan’s character slapped the man back.

“Loved it the way she slap!” she wrote.

Um E had a message for women: that if even their husbands slapped them, they should slap them back.

Twitter account @weirdo_medico said she didn’t like Laapata but absolutely loved the women empowerment in the show, and one scene in particular where Sarah Khan can be seen slapping her husband back, instead of crying after being hit.

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