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Humaima Malick opens up about being in abusive relationships

The present situation of country is not latent to anyone. A woman faces endless problems to survive in this society.

The actor Humaima Malick shares her story on Instagram titled as ‘My reality’ where she she shed lights on being in an abusive relationship and how difficult it was for her to put these into words.

“I tried for eight days to say something about it… But neither the agreed nor the heart allowed… nor did I have courage to put my thoughts into words” she says.

Humaima expresses how the trauma has made her feel and how important it is to speak up and fight for your rights. She wrote, ““speak up”, let’s fight for our right don’t let any other life be ruined like this.”

Humaima is disappointed and shaken with how fail the system of this country is. “this country… So called judicial system… the machinery is failed…WE ARE FAILED…!!!” adds Humaima.

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