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Law Minister seeks NAP body’s suggestions on Madaris reforms

Federal Minister for Law and Justice Barrister Dr Farogh Naseem Wednesday sought suggestions regarding Madaris from the National Action Plan Implementation Committee.

The Minister sought details of Madaris while chairing the Second meeting of the National Action Plan Implementation Committee. Barrister Farogh Naseem said the committee had to comply with the agenda items given to this committee as early as possible and send it to the Prime Minister.

The federal law minister sought suggestions from the Committee members regarding Madaris and said that the government wanted to bring the Madaris students the mainstream.

The students of madaris should also do CSS, become engineers, doctors, lawyers and serve the country, he said and added that Madrassa students should not have just one job description but should also do MBA and become Chartered Accountants.

He said the government wanted to educate and train madaris students in such a way that there would be a demand for madrassa students in the market and the employers themselves demand for madaris graduates.

The minister discussed the matter in detail and sought suggestions from all stakeholders. The meeting was also informed that the recommendations of the Committee would be extended across the country.

A sub-committee was also formed in today’s meeting which would present its recommendations in the next meeting.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Home Departments of the provinces and senior officers of other departments concerned.

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