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PAF Retaliates: Two IAF Jets Shot Down, One Indian Pilot Arrested


The Pakistan Air Force(PAF) retaliated on Wednesday to India’s air intrusion into Balakot the previous day by carrying out strikes in Indian territory and arresting an IAF pilot.

The PAF conducted air strikes inside Indian targets from within its airspace. According to the Pakistan Army and foreign office, the act was to demonstrate the country’s will and capability to retaliate against unprovoked aggression.

“Today’s action was in self defence; we do not want to claim any victory. The way we set out target and made sure that there were no collateral damage — the in-built message was that despite out capability, we look towards peace,” said Major General Asif Ghafoor.

Today morning, Pakistan Air Force engaged six targets at the LoC. Because we are a responsible state and want peace, we decided that we will not use any military target.

“As a result of engaging our target, no human life was affected. Staying within our jurisdiction, six targets were locked. And we carried out the strike,” he said.

Pakistan Army arrested an Indian pilot, Abhinandan Varthaman, who had ventured inside Azad Kashmir.

Despite India’s aggressive stance, DG ISPR said that Pakistan was not imposing war but wanted peace in the region.
“We believe war is not the solution to problems–let’s talk about peace,” he said. “We believe no one wins when war breaks out–only humanity loses,” he added.

Major General Asif Ghafoor warned India that despite Pakistan’s capability to strike with full force and impose war on India, the country was acting responsibly for the region’s peace.

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