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No Indian Movie Will be Screened in Pakistan


In a press statement, APEA chairman Zoraiz Lashari said: “In light of the prevailing situation, and in solidarity with the Government, the Film Exhibitors fraternity has volunteered to focus on local content till the normalization of the current situation in the region.”

“We believe art and film is a universal language that transcends borders and brings people closer,” Lashari said.

“We hope we can all play a positive role in reducing tensions, and supporting policies that bring peace and prosperity to the people of the entire region,” he added.

Separately, Pakistan’s state-run TV regulator PEMRA has been ordered by the government to take action against any channel airing advertisements made in India or featuring Indian actors.

Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry also announced the government ban on Indian content.

“The Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted Indian content, no Indian Movie will be released in Pakistan. Also have instructed PEMRA to act against Made in India Advertisements,” Chaudhry wrote on his Twitter handle.

The move in the aftermath of Indian aggression and violation of Pakistani airspace.

According to Foreign Office, eight Indian aircraft were effectively intercepted by Pakistani Air Force Jets and forced to scuttle back, while randomly releasing their ordnance which landed in an uninhabited remote area.

“Baseless, reprehensible Indian claims of targeting a large terrorist camp and resultant causalities to placate Indian domestic audience and electioneering were strongly rebutted,” it said.

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