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Pakistani Olympian Mahnoor Shahzad apologises for racist comments against Pathans

Pakistani Olympian and the country’s top-ranked badminton player Mahnoor Shahzad on Wednesday apologised for her racist comments against Pathans the other day, saying she never meant to issue any racist statement against them.

“In no way I intended to pass any racist comments,” she wrote in a long social media post. “There are some Pakistani badminton players who are running a negative campaign against me, so I only referred to them,” she added.

Mahnoor Shahzad said, concluding her statement, that it was almost impossible for her to compete at the world event without the support of her Sindhi, Punjabi, Pathan, Baloch and other brothers.

“I am sorry from the core of my heart,” she added.

A day earlier, Mahnoor Shahzad’s comments had gone viral on social media in which she could be seen and heard utteirng racist remarks against Pathans.

In response to a question, she had said that certain Pathan badminton players and others in Pakistan were jealous of her success. She had said that Pakistanis were jealous of one another.

World number 133 shuttler Mahoor Shahzad was facing world number 26, Kirsty Gilmour, and after resisting against the better ranked player for 31 minutes, she went down 21-14, 21-14.

This was the second consecutive defeat for Mahoor Shahzad at the Olympics, which led to her elimination from the race.

She played two matches and lost both. In the first match, Mahnoor Shahzad was defeated by Japan’s Akane Yamaguchi.

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