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Petroleum prices go up in Pakistan again

The government on Thursday announced raising the price of petrol by Rs4 from October 1 “due to an increase in petroleum prices in the international market”.

“OGRA has worked out the higher petroleum prices but prime minister has decided against the recommendation and passed on the minimum increase in prices to the consumers,” a Finance Division notification said.

The government has absorbed the higher international pressure of prices through a reduction in petroleum levy and the sales tax, it added.

“It is pertinent to mention that petroleum prices in Pakistan are the cheapest in the region,” the notification claimed.

Earlier, the OGRA spokesperson said that the price of petroleum products will be announced tomorrow by the government.

Petrol, with the Rs4 increase, costs Rs127.30 per litre, whereas high-speed diesel, with an increase of Rs2, costs Rs122.04 per litre.

Product Existing price (per litre) Increase (per litre) New price (per litre)
Petrol Rs123.30 Rs4.00 Rs127.30
High-speed diesel Rs120.04 Rs2 Rs122.04
Kerosene oil Rs92.26 Rs7.05 Rs99.31
Light diesel oil Rs90.69 Rs8.82 Rs99.51
Meanwhile, kerosene oil costs Rs7.05 more and is priced at Rs99.31 per litre, while light diesel oil became Rs8.82 dearer to cost Rs99.51 per litre.

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