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Road to ‘Digital transformation’ of Pakistan’s power distribution companies (DISCOs)


Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) introduced the Electric Distribution Company (DISCOs) to distribute the electricity in Pakistan. All the DISCOs are responsible for supplying electricity in their respective allocated areas.
In Pakistan, electricity crises are rising; in the past, people’s complaints were handled on phone calls, resulting in delays in resolving power complaints. Moreover, bills were paid physically over the counter while waiting in long queues.




Therefore, to ease people’s struggles and swiftly track and resolve complaints, DISCOs LESCO, PESCO, HESCO, QESCO, FESCO, and GEPCO, have launched applications. They feature online bill calculation (can pay via online banking), lodging complaints, tax certificates, and requests for new connections. This efficiency has resulted in preventing delays in resolving complaints.



Most DISCOs actively respond on social platforms, especially on Twitter. They update people regarding load-shedding, breakdowns, faults, and accidents. Consumers are grateful for the digital strategy introduced by all the DISCOs.








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