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Usman Mukhtar’s voice notes leaked by Mahroz Waseem

Pakistani digital artist Mehrooz Waseem has lashed out at actor Usman Mukhtar, accusing him of threatening her and releasing a voice note sent by the actor to her allegedly.

“Here’s him (Usman Mukhtar) threatening me to take off a BTS photo I had on my Instagram that he never told me not to use. I used it because he never made the promotional material he promised he would,” she said in an Instagram post, where she posted the voice note which seems to be from Usman Mukhtar.


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“Prior to this he had added Hammad Hanfi’s name to the credits list himself. It was his photo he wanted me to remove in which only his back was visible,” she added.

Usman Mukhtar, earlier this week, had made headlines when he accused Mehrooz of harassing him. He had accused Mehrooz Waseem, a female artist, of harassing him, adding that he had been hired to direct her music video.

Taking to his Instagram on Monday, the actor shared his detailed experience with the artist.

“I have been harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for 1 and a half year by this woman,” began the actor.

“The harassment was reported to FIA. The FIA was dealing with a person that did not have the original address on their records, which is a crime on its own. Took FIA a year to find this person.”

Despite his efforts with the FIA, Usman reveals that the artist has refused to stop.

“They investigated the case was properly and they finally took her statement. But this person still does not stop!”

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