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Ariana Grande implores fans to get Covid vaccines

Ariana Grande ’vaxxed and masked’ urges people for Covid-19 vaccination

Ariana Grande, a singer and actress from the United States, shared a picture on her Instagram stating that she has been ‘vaxxed and masked’ in the wake of an increase in coronavirus infections throughout the country.

The famous singer wearing mask in her glamorous close-up selfie says, ‘vaxxed and masked’ with a long caption giving a gentle reminder to those who are eligible and not yet vaccinated against the virus.

Ariana said “This is your gentle reminder to please get your vaccines if you are eligible. this thing is not yet over!”.

She also sent links to information regarding the delta strain, which is currently spreading across the United States after being discovered in a number of countries.

Grande shares she’ll be performing in a virtual, in-game concert for Fortnite shortly after revealing her “vaxxed & masked” update.
“Excuse us, Ariana is coming!” Fortnite sent out a tweet.

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