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Sarfaraz wins praise for donning Kurta Shalwar to meet the queen


Pakistani skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed won praise on social media after he donned the national dress, Kurta Shalwar, to meet Queen Elizabeth II, on Wednesday.

Sarfaraz is known for his antics on the field and for his stellar cricket skills. However, the Pakistan team skipper amassed praise on social media after he wore the national dress to meet the Queen at the Buckingham Palace while all the others were suited and booted.

“Sarfaraz Ahmed stands out in a white kurta while meeting the Queen of England. The man wore a white shalwar kameez with a green blazer with a star brooch (the team’s official jacket) instead. Now that’s what we’re talking about. Pakistan represent,” said one Twitter user.

“Proud of Sarfaraz for wearing Shalwar Kurta,” said another.

“Great to see Pakistan captain @SarfarazA_54 proudly wear a shalwar kameez in the captain’s photo with the Queen. Well done, Sarfaraz bhai,” said another.

“Is it me or is Sarfaraz the only Captain without a Tie? Love them or hate them, but you have to admire the simplicity of Pakistanis,” wrote an Indian.

“Way to go Sarfaraz! Check out PIA’s pride, our very own captain looking handsome as ever in our national dress and we wish the best of luck to team Pakistan! Break a leg!” wrote PIA’s official Twitter handle.

Sarfaraz himself reacted to all the praise on social media and said that it felt good to don the Kurta Shalwar.

“The shalwar kameez is our national dress and I got instructions from the board to do all these things so I tried to promote our national dress. I felt very proud that the other captains were wearing suits but I was wearing national dress,” he said.

Pakistan take on the West Indies in their opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 on Friday.

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