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Sharmeen Obaid heartbroken over Afghan war


Pakistani-Canadian filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is disheartened by the situation and the terror Afghanistan people have to face during the war.

The Oscar winner took to instagram, to share her emotions on the affair.

The filmmaker has travelled to Afghanistan in 2007 for a documentary and lived there for a while, and watching all this happening to her friends had made Sharmeen go heart wrench.

Sharmeen shared a picture Afghanistan written on it with a heart broken emoji along with a note.

“In 2007 I travelled across #Afghanistan working on a documentary. From Kabul to Kunduz to Herat to the mountains in the north my team & I lived and worked there for many weeks. The Afghans were investing in their land and in their dreams. I am heartbroken to see so many friends across the border fleeing war and the brutality that is following them,” she said

Sharmeen request to pray for the families.

Pray for the families, the women & children who will suffer the most…,” she added

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