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Veena Malik wants a dress code in place for showbiz industry

Pakistani actress Veena Malik Tuesday demanded a dress code in place for the showbiz industry, saying that it was not appropriate to let anyone do as he/she wish.

Veena Malik, in a recent interview, said that it was important for people to have “boundaries”. Veena Malik explicitly talked about the dress code do’s and don’ts that should be followed in the industry.

“Pakistan is a sovereign land, people are wearing every type of dresses here, and girls have the freedom to wear the clothes of their own choice” she began before suggesting the government lay down some rules for dress code in showbiz.

“I believe government should make a dress code for showbiz as well, there should be some mentioned boundaries of dressing outlined by government for people in showbiz,” said Veena.

“Those industries which have no limits, where people can do any sort of wired acts, I find that scary”. She concluded, “There should be a limit.”

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