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In Washington DC, PM Khan’s address large crowd of Pakistan diasporas


Prime Minster Imran Khan on Sunday said that he would not give any NRO to plunderers and carry forward the process of accountability without being subdued to any pressure or blackmailing.

The PM was addressing a large gathering of Pakistani diasporas at Capital One Arena in Washington DC.

“In Naya Pakistan everyone is held accountable and there cannot be two separate laws for the rich and the poor,” Khan said.

“The merit and equality for all is our vision of Naya Pakistan where level playing field will be provided to every citizen.”

Talking about the debt, he said Pakistan was looted by previous governments and its debt raised from six thousand billion to thirty thousand billion rupees in just last ten years.He said PTI government inherited huge debt and the national institutions were sinking in loss.

He said in Naya Pakistan public office holders are being held accountable. This is the real change and our country will become a welfare state.

He said there are three parallel education systems in Pakistan, PTI government is striving to bring uniform syllabus so that every person can have an equal opportunity. He said students of Madrasas will also be brought into mainstream.

“Pakistan is blessed with minerals but the thing hinders us from their exploration is corruption.”

He said international companies are well aware of these treasures but they are reluctant to come in Pakistan because of corruption.

He said that he has given direction to investigate Reko Diq case in which Pakistan fined by World Bank.

The Prime Minister said his stance on Afghan solution is being endorsed today and world has understood that there is no military solution for the issue. He pledged that Pakistan will transform and rise every year.

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